C.T.M. Beamish
Published 1950

This web page provides some of the pages of THE BEAMISH BOOK published in 1950 but no longer in print.

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Page 1    Introduction   Page 2

Page 105   "BEAMISH  INDEX"   _   p106   _

INDEX    "B"                         p199   AB - AB    p200   AD - AN      p201   AN -AN     p202  AN - BR         p203  BR - DO     p204  DO - EL
                                                  p205   EL - EL     p206   EL - EL         p207   EL - FR     p208   FR - FR         p209   GE - GE      p210  GE - GE
                                                 p211   GE - IS     p212   IS -JA           p213   JA - JO    p214  JO - JO          p215  JO - JO      p216  JO - JO
                                                 p217   JO - JO    p218  JO - KA        p219  KA - MA    p220  MA - MA        p221  MA - MA    p222  MA NA
                                                  p223   NI - PR     p224  PR - RI          p225  RI - RI        p226  RI - RI             p227  RI - RI         p228  RO - SA
                                                  p229   SA - SA    p230   SA - TH      p231   TH -TH     p232  TH - TH          p233  TH - TH      p234  TH - WI
                                                  p235  WI - WI     p236  WI - WI        p237  WI - WI

The "BEAMISH"  book included Appendix 1, & 2,  a table of sources of information that C.T.M. Beamish had used in addition to
private correspondence with family members, and an Index of family names other than Beamish.

Since most of this information is of little value to Beamishes it is not our intention to publish it at this time.  These files
already span three web sites and approximately 30 Megabytes.

We may decide to publish a CD Rom with this information.  If, or when,  we do that,  we will provide access information on this
site at the bottom of this page.

A New BEAMISH Book   a draft copy of  Charles Beamish's work on a new Beamish book.

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